Saturday, June 23, 2012

Free remixes of Linton Kwesi Johnson, Gregory Isaacs, Radikal Guru, Tippa Irie, Mungo's HiFi, more original music for FREE and lots more!

Lately I've came up with some juicy and ofter overlooked marvelous tunes offered for FREE download and trust me when I say you're in for a treat! Keep reading, keep downloading, keep vibing, keep dancing as always on Bass Pon Mi, let's drop!

Top rework from the man like Robbing Hood  bringin on the ruckas with the remix of "Reggae Sounds", original by the dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson! Tune starts off with a older Kode9-esque atmosphere, but then it goes on a sound and melodic journey which is all original and personal. For you which can't save a day if not filled by some fresh and new HEAVY music, be it dubstep, reggae or whatever else, here's the first FREE download, for your pleasure!

More about the Robbing Hood and his music,
More sounds by the Robbing

From the ever and always amazing Moonshine label which really is solidifyin its reputation by the release, 24 days ago they had the excellent Bukkha on the remix buttons. Tundra Dub by the master like Radikal Guru was the one touched and yes listening to it is like travelling. Jump on board, press play and the free download button. Then share it with your friends, share the feelings, share the love!!!

If you've been sleeping and missing out and trust me its a lot,

I fall in love and can't resist with producers which start with a sick sound signature and then improve and improve and improve and improve and NEVER STOP. One of those is Notthingham's rootikal-est Adam Prescott, which really can't put a feet wrong as lately!!! Not only his production is growing tighter by the tune  but also his musical horizons are broadening always. On his soundcloud there's a full slew of quality free downloads so let's share the music and let's share the love

There's even way MORE, so go check no excuse!

Don't ever forget what the point of FREE MUSIC is: if you're feeling it, SHARE IT, TALK ABOUT IT, DON'T BE SHY/JEALOUS!!!

One love.

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  1. New mastered version up now...
    Also lossless here on bandcamp.