Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exclusive KING YOOF interview + mix + FREE tune! The jungle legacy is here to stay!

The jungle legacy is here to stay! The jungle legacy is here to stay! The jungle legacy is here to stay! And once again, The jungle legacy is here to stay! If its still not enough let's say it loud again THE JUNGLE LEGACY IS HERE TO STAY. Why are we so loud about this...? There couldnt simply be better introduction to a certain KING YOOF, one artist which life is ALL and STRICTLY about a DEEP BASSLINE. Let's make him explain why is that...while you press play below ;) Warnings! This man brings a lot of dubplate pressure so get ready to find yourself skankin'! In the interview we go deep with the hows and whys on his latest release and inspirations and why he finds perfect home in the roots/dub-and-then-jungle continuum.

RUN DE TRACK! ---> 1) King Yoof Intro 2) Bunny General “This Is The Song Aka Pumkin Belly 3) King Yellowman “Zungguzungguguzunguzeng” 4) Eek-A-Mouse “Wha Do Dem” 5) Johnny Osbourne “No Icecream Sound 6) Courtney Melody “Kill A Soundboy With Ease” 7) Shy Fx Feat Roses Gabor “Raver” Guiness Punch Mix Digital Soundboy 8) King Yoof “Murderer” Sub Slayers 9) Itchy & Jacky Feat Barrington Levi “Murderer” Jingbong 10) Major Lazer V Richie Spice “Pon De Ghettofloor” Gold Remix/Yoof Edit 11) Shy Fx Feat Yasmin “Light Up The World” Ministry 12) King Yoof Feat Jah Mirikle “Warrior Charge” Sub Slayers 13) King Yoof Feat Jah Mirikle “Warrior Charge” Gold Remix Sub Slayers 14) King Yoof V Gold “Respect” Dubplate 15) 601 “Raise It Up” Sub Slayheers 16) Billy Bunter/Vinyl Junkie/Sanxion “Who The Badman” 17) King Yoof “Everynights A Soundclash” Sub Slayers 18) Gold “Selecta” Sub Slayers 19) King Yoof “Scottie Remix 2012” Dubplate 20) Toronto Is Broken “The Spirit Song 2012” Sub Slayers 21) Radio Killerz “New Future” Dubplate 22) Dj Madd “Junglist” The Real & The Shadow 23) Warrior One Feat Ayah Marar “Fyah” Black Butter Recs 24) King Yoof “Back 2 Hackney” Sub Slayers 25) King Yoof “Call The Undertaker” Sub Slayers 26) King Yoof V Vinyl Junkie “Promised Land” Dubplate 27) Roommate Feat Jnr Kelly “Anything Possible” King Dubbist Recs 28) King Yoof Feat Jah Mirikle “Warrior Sound” (Hellfire Machina Remix) Sub Slayers 29) 601 “Rage” Sub Slayers 30) Knife Party “Fire Hive” No Modern Talking E.P. 31) Aries “Herbsmoke” (Gold V Marcus Visionary V.I.P Remix) 32) Aries/Gold/Bevan & Andy Slim “Sun Is Shining” Roots Records 33) Serial Killaz “Worries In The Dance Remix” Killa Dubz 34) Rebel Mc “Get Ready” (Chopstick Remix) Congo Natty 35) Tenor Saw “Golden Hen” 36) Shy Fx Feat Kano “Raver” (Benny Page Remix) Digital Soundboy

BPM: Yes King, tell us the story behind this EP. How did your collab with Jah Mirikle start and what can we expect in the future?

KY: A friend of mine showed me the video of Jah Mirikle and Rodney P's "Live up" single and instantly i got in touch as i was feeling his vocal and sent him the instrumental of Warrior charge, The rest is history... as for future plans i have my third E.P all ready to go on Sub Slayer's + my remix for Mr Benn & Serocee should be out very soon on Nice Up records

Badman at teh controlz like KING YOOF!

BPM: How were the remixers chosen? I think you nailed it, the whole package feels comfortably complete!

KY: Haha it was pretty easy...Hellfire machina is a dubstep outfit which my brother has been part of for some time over in the U.S.A, Dj Gold is a producer ive been rating for sometime and i discovered him for Sub Slayer's a while ago and finally Shut up and dance are very old friends of mine and to me the one of the biggest inspirations in my musical life.

BPM: Large up for the use of those samples in the tune, the second drop is amazing, its really effin uplifting! I can't personally wait to drop this! How was the reaction the first time you tested it?

KY: The reaction has been crazy,i think i remember first playing it on the Sub Slayers Drive time show on and the response was just insane! I wanted to make a tune that would appeal to a wider audience and something that had a conscious message.
One of the highlight releases of 2012, this is!

BPM: "ALL JUNGLIST'S MUST BIG UP!!!" You are a strong believer in what jungle, dub and roots legacy represent and man I can feel it in your tunes!!! It's amazing how you manage to make the message keep on going strong by dropping those basslines, how would you describe the magic of your creation? What can we expect from the scene to emerge next up?

KY: I grew up in Lewisham S.E.London during the 80's and was surrounded by Reggae music, I would listen to Saxon sound tapes and fell in love with the music and so when early rave music came about it was an instant attraction as alot of this music was sampling the reggae music i grew up on. Jungle music has come around full circle and has gone through many different changes and now 2012 is all about "Jungle Unity" bringing it together in all its different forms.

BPM:Nuff respects badman Yoof, and thanks very much, one love!

There's more for you hungry bass crawlers, get a free download from the badman himself ;)

And don't forget to check KING YOOF's own blog, its such a wealthy source of infos and tunes which are all about that powerful bassline feeling!!! 

You can get the tunes over there
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They're definitely keeping things busy with this sick release and more plans: label head Jay Cunning and the Sub Slayers crew just started their residency at RAGE at Heaven (May 6th) with Fabio, Grooverider, Bryan G, Jumpin Jack Frost! (Rage - the legendary 1st EVER jungle and D n’ B club which started back in 1988 is back!!).

And if you still are hungry for more there's the whole King Yoof's Soundcloud for your ears, soundsystem and soul pleasure

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